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Brass Band / Wind Orchestra / Polka

Jockey-Polka, op. 278

  • Fast Polka, op. 278
    by Josef Strauss
    ca.: 1.55 Min.
    Grade 3
    Arr.: Achim Graf, Peter Welte

    Josef Strauss (1827 - 1870) was a son of Johann Strauss (father) and his wife Anna, as well as the two-year younger brother of the famous "Walzerkönig" Johann Strauss (son). All Strauss sons, like his father, were outstanding composers, whose works are regularly performed today, among others, in the New Year's concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic.

    However, Josef Strauss did not aspire to a musical career, but graduated from the Vienna Polytechnic and designed two road sweepers. However, when Johann Strauss (son) returned from a concert tour in the late autumn of 1852, Josef was forced to join the Strauss Chapel the following year. He finally composed over 300 works. His compositions are somewhat more melancholic than his brothers' works. In the following years, he increasingly represented his brother Johann as a conductor. He took lessons in composition theory and learned to play the violin.

    On February 22, 1870, when his mother died, the often ailing ostrich suffered a collapse on her deathbed and had to be represented the following day at the annual student ball in the redouting rooms of the Hofburg. Four months later he fell unconscious from the conductor's podium during a concert tour in Warsaw. He died shortly afterwards in Vienna. The cause of death remained unexplained as his widow did not agree to an autopsy. He was buried in the St. Marx cemetery in his mother's grave. On October 12, 1909, the mortal remains of both were buried in an honorary ceremony at the Central Cemetery in Vienna.

    Content: Full score and single parts


    Our editions contain, as a standard, all common Bb voices TC.+ BC.

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